Shipping options have never been easier to access. If your primary concern is getting your vehicle to its new home safely and securely We’ll be there to assist you. In reality it could be more than one problem, such as the prices and the time it takes to get there . You might have learned the two low-cost shipping options, RoRo or Container shipping. We’re eager to explore the most recent RoRo requirements if you’re not planning to use a standard ocean transport using containers.

RoRo Requirements: What You Should Know - EasyHaul Blog

What Is RoRo Shipping?

RoRo shipping ports in USA refers to roll-on and the roll-off. This method of shipping involves transporting cars that move in the vessel’s cargo hold. However, this type of ocean freight isn’t quite as secure as containerized shipping since your vehicle could be exposed to weather conditions. We’ve gone over the basics in the past on our website, but read this post to learn more.

RoRo Requirements And Updates

The most important necessities are as follows:

  • A vehicle must be capable of driving and be able to be able to move and steer under their own energy.
  • It is not possible to find windows that are broken or missing.
  • Be sure to monitor the correct inflation of your tires.
  • There shouldn’t be more that 1/4 of fuel in a tank.
  • Make sure that flushers, oil and other fluids used in automotive vehicles aren’t leaking from the vehicle.
  • There should be no other personal items apart from keys and the Jack.
  • All airbags should be in good condition.
  • There is no damage, other than minor scratches or wear and tear.

Be aware that different shipping companies may require additional RoRo requirements. The above mentioned factors tend to be the most commonly employed.

RoRo Prices

Ameritrans Freightkeeps up-to-date. Be aware that roro shipping from usa to nigeria services are typically more expensive than the tried and true container shipping. This is due to the need to ship cars direct to the port’s facilities instead of an adjacent storage facility and also for the booking process to be processed faster. Since every vehicle delivered via RoRo needs a specific estimate pricing can differ.

RoRo prices may increase due to global economic conditions and the global congestion at ports and the price of fuel can cause unexpected increases. We expect another small increase in April. So keep an eye out for future announcements.

Special Notes On RoRo Requirements

We are able to ship your vehicle that has been damaged in Nigeria as well as Ghana through RoRo at an additional cost as a part of forklift. However, you must get in touch with us and inform us regarding the state of the vehicle that you are planning to ship prior to. Be aware it is important to note that it is important to note that the Port of Houston (Texas) (along with the other important US ports) has set up strict RoRo standards for the condition of cars that are exported.


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