Shopify product filter techniques allow online businesses to easily make their customers purchase products from their online store. Shopify stores allow eCommerce businesses to sell online via different channels and increase product discovery. What’s the next step after you have set up Shopify?

Shopify merchants should personalize their online store to improve the customer experience. Customers will be able to navigate easily through your online store, which will increase sales and make it easier for them to find what they are looking for. Let’s take a look at the Shopify product filter customizations and strategies that can be used to increase visibility of your products for your customers.

How to add Product Filter to Shopify- Shopify

Shopify merchants have the ability to rearrange priorities (best selling products, featured items, etc.) while filtering products on the site. Shopify merchants have the ability to drag and drop product types, product options, and descriptions in order to create priorities. Shopify merchants have the ability to customize filters by activating the meta fields.

  • Click on the “Shopify Admin” option, and select “Collections”.
  • Shopify merchants have the ability to drag products around and reorder them according to their size, color, etc.
  • You can add custom filters to your website by choosing’meta fields’. These can be customized according to your needs.

How can Meta fields help you customize filters

Online business owners can customize their online shops by using meta fields in Shopify. Meta fields allow you to add additional information about your products to your Shopify store. You can also create specialized information within the sections.
Your Shopify store’s functionality will be enhanced by setting up meta field definitions. Online store owners can add custom and standard definitions to their site. Shopify merchants have the ability to create filters for single-line text, number integers and number decimals by adding meta field definitions.

How to use the Search Features in Shopify Product Filter

Let’s now learn how to use advanced search options in the Shopify Product Filter. Shopify’s instant search widget allows you to rename or reorder pages. You can choose whether your blog page or product collections should be displayed first if the customer types ‘dress’.

Visitors might leave your website if the navigation on your website is too complicated or doesn’t allow for filter customization. You should customize your product pages by adding filters and product information.

Customers shouldn’t have to wait too long to find a product on your site. You can organize your products by vendor, product type and gift card. These product filtering techniques will make it easy for customers to find the right products.

Shopify makes it easy for online shoppers to find their desired products. These are some tips to help you streamline your product search when you set up your first Shopify store.

  1. Make collections

Your Shopify store should allow you to sell clothes. The collection pages can be used to manage inventory.

You, an online business owner, can make your store more navigable by creating collections. Shopify customers will be able to find their desired products by creating collections. They can browse through products that they are interested in and easily navigate to them.

Shopify merchants have the ability to create manual and automated collections on their websites. You can also add Featured Products (Bestselling collections) to the collection option and increase sales.

  1. Social Media Platforms Integration

Integrating Shopify’s store on social media platforms can be a powerful marketing strategy that will increase sales and product awareness.

A sales channel strategy is a way for online business owners to reach potential customers. What is a sales channel strategy, you ask? Online business owners must understand their audience before integrating chatbots onto websites. Social media integration will make it easy to sell products on social media. Shopify merchants have the ability to integrate their Shopify shops on Facebook, Instagram Snapchat, Twitter, and Snapchat. Online business owners can analyze their competitors’ social media profiles and create strategies that are based on them to increase their customer base.

  1. Store design to increase product visibility

Setting up an online shop and improving navigation are key objectives. Customers should be able to search for products quickly and without any hurdles. Navigation is a key part of your online store design. Shopify merchants should begin with the store name and Shopify pricing. Customizing sections and product pages will enhance the customer experience.

A store theme is a must for Shopify merchants. Shopify offers a theme editor that allows you to customize the theme of your store. Your site must also be well designed to showcase your products. You should make your website more attractive if you sell fashion products. To reduce site loading issues, an online business website can remove widgets and other plugins. Large images are not required for digital products.

  • Avoid filling your site with irrelevant information.
  • Websites that have too many images or carousels will load faster.
  • Adding logos and color themes to your website will improve product visibility.
  • Converting customers to your website will be easier if you personalize your product pages.
  • It is important to locate your ‘Call To Action’ button correctly in order to simplify navigation. You can choose to click the CTA button to ‘Buy Now and Enjoy’, or ‘Grab This Now’.
  1. Add Custom Domain

Shopify customers will be more loyal to you if you add a custom domain. There are many benefits to adding a custom domain to Shopify.

  • Shopify allows you to connect with third-party email hosts
  • Your customers will trust you and your custom domains will improve the buying process.
  • Online business owners have the option to add, buy, transfer and set up domains.
  • A custom domain can improve email hosting and make it more efficient.
  1. Faceted Filters

You can use faceted filters to optimize the Shopify search bar for your customers if it is too simple. Shopify’s faceted filters will help you target sales and improve product search.

Faceted filters can be used to narrow down product searches based on multiple dimensions. Faceted filters can be used to organize products according to the size of your customers’ search results. Shopify store owners have the option to install search apps for faceted filters to add them to their sites.

  1. Upload images for products in your Shopify Stores

Shopify sort filter can be customized and added to enhance customer experience and product discovery. Shopify image sizes are crucial in capturing visitors’ attention. You should consider several factors when uploading product photos to make your website visually appealing. To make your website appealing to online business owners, the image size should be adequate.

Your eCommerce platform’s visual content will attract more customers to your site. Shopify image formats are a key factor in increasing traffic for online businesses. Let’s look at image formatting and how filters can help optimize Shopify pages. Let’s start by resizing images of your products.

  • Shop online
  • Click on the “Apps” option
  • Install the ‘Photo Resize App’ and add it to your phone
  • The app suggests resizing images on product pages
  • Visit the store to view the images on product pages
  • Images will be resized to the ideal format

You can resize images without the need for any apps

You can resize Shopify images using Shopify’s web browser without having to install any apps. It’s also possible on the Shopify site!

  • Log in to Shopify and click on the “Products” option
  • Click on a product to alter the file size.
  • You can customize your product images by using the ‘Crop and Rotate’ and ‘Resizing’ options below the images
  • Shopify merchants have the option to highlight images by using the “Color picker” option.
  • Adjust the size of your image to fit its dimensions. Your website may take longer to load if your images are not properly formatted.

Online business owners have the option to add “Alt Text” to product images. Your alt text is a description of your product that visually impaired customers can read and improves your website SEO.

  1. Use AI-based chatbots

One of the most effective marketing strategies for improving product discovery is to use AI-based chatbots in online shops. Artificial Intelligence and other advanced technologies will make product searching easy for online shoppers.

Seamless Product Discovery

A chatbot that uses AI is instant and responsive to customers’ questions. Customers don’t need to leave your website to ask questions about your products. Chatbots that are AI-based can understand the user’s intent and instantly provide information about products. Chatbots are able to answer multiple questions from customers and provide information about products instantly.

There are many triggers that can be used to encourage mobile and desktop users to interact with the bot, such as animated or customizable “Need Help” text. Ochatbot also conducted a survey on the site’s design. Customers can use a promo code to save more money.


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