Let’s first define fashion before we make a decision about whether or not we should follow it.

Fashion is more than what a few designers tell us to wear each season. Fashion is a reflection of the public mood, economic situation and technological developments. Art is no different.

Fashion is both part of art and part of daily life. All of us are connected to fashion in a certain way.

Fashion is similar to art in that one can have either a basic interest or a deep passion. To understand certain pieces of art at an advanced level, one must have a greater understanding of the artist, the period he or she lived, and a source for inspiration.

You can choose to remain at any level.

Should We Follow Fashion, and How to Do It?

Do you have to be fashion-conscious?

If you don’t want your face to be old and out of fashion, then yes. You don’t have to follow every trend. While you may prefer timeless fashion, following fashion will allow you to distinguish between timeless and modern garments.

Fashion is a gradient to me. The change can be subtle if you keep up with it. The change can be very dramatic if you leave it for a while, then return to it. The Silhouettes and lengths, the general fit, and how we combine garments all change . This is often what happens to moms who are on parental leave. They are often shocked when they return to the stores and want to keep wearing their old favorites. Fashion continues to advance and the gap gets wider.

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How can you discover new trends if you’re far from fashion? You can usually find new things by looking at people in public places. However, if you live in small towns, or drive a car, it can feel like there isn’t much to look at. The process will be slow because of this. It can feel like you are traveling back in time when you visit a small town. You’ll see people wearing styles from between 10 and 15 years ago.

This doesn’t mean living in small towns and looking old-fashioned are crimes. While everyone is free to wear what they like, I believe that you care enough to read this article.

  1. Fashion magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Elle can be used to help you. Every year, they release the latest trends in September and March.

2 A second way to save money is to visit H&M and Mango’s websites once every 2 to 3-months. Scroll through the selection by clicking on “What’s New”

Why H&M and Mango? They are fashion-forward, but their products are more wearable than Zara. If you don’t follow fashion closely for a while, your eyes will bleed at HM. Zara is just too much. It’s okay. Keep watching. It will become second nature after some time. 😉

I do recommend that you shop for shoes, bags and accessories at Zara and Mango. H&M doesn’t always have the best selection.

Mango, H&M

These brands don’t need to be liked, nor do you have to purchase anything from them. Take a look at the following:

  • How do the hairstyles look?
  • Makeup is very popular
  • What accessories are used?
  • The featured lengths and silhouettes (wide, figure-hugging or oversized, midi, mini, etc.)
  • What items can be used as a base and which items are considered “spices”? (Read more base wardrobe and download the basic item list).
  • Mixing the garments

You can save outfits that you like if they are a good fit for your style and will be a source of inspiration in the future.


You don’t need to copy everything blindly. It is done to enhance our visual experience . This is similar to learning the differences between Manet and Monet. You need to see many of their paintings. You must be exposed to different accents of language to hear them.

Don’t judge. Don’t say things like “This is too ugly!” You will be programming your brain in a negative manner and slowing down your learning. Your brain has the ability to change its mind. Instead, think “This isn’t my cup of tea right now.” It might be something I like in the future.

You will soon find you like things after a while.

  • It will be easy to see the differences between the clothes you thought were identical. You will notice a difference in the jackets you have.
  • This video will show you how to style timeless pieces to make them modern.
  • It will be clear how long a trend has been around and whether it is worth investing in.

Even for someone who is passionate about Fashion Accessories Buy Online, some things can take years to become second nature. It will be easier to get used to if you watch it often.

Once you are comfortable with H&M or Mango, and you’re ready to upgrade your self, you can follow updates on Zara.

– Web-a-porter I like this one. Their interface is my favorite.
– Farfetch
– Mytheresa


  1. You can also follow fashion blogs and Instagram accounts.

These are my recommendations:

  • Man Repeller
  • StyleduMonde
  • The Sartorialist
  • Who Wears
  • The Style Stalker

Street Style

4 The most advanced level allows you to view the fashion shows live on the runway. All the Vogue.com shows are available.


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