Businesses who are interested in creating high-quality software have found IT staffing firms to be a valuable resource.

This type of outsourcing allows you to supplement your in-house software development staff with specialists who work only when needed. Many companies choose to have their own software developers, but bring in experts such as testers and user design experts to help with the more difficult tasks. Check out the guide on Software Estimation Techniques.

IT staff augmentation has the advantage of helping businesses to find the best talent to meet their needs. These partners also allow clients to keep their staff efficient and be flexible in the future. These outsourcing partners can also increase the quality of software and improve data privacy efforts.

Companies will benefit from IT staff augmentation services:

  • Hiring the best talent is possible on an as-needed basis.
  • Ensure long-term staff flexibility.
  • Software security can be improved and data privacy protected.

Overburdened tech executives need to be able to concentrate on their core business and future expansion. These IT staff augmentation firms are highly valued by them. This arrangement is also a favorite among in-house employees. These augmented employees reduce their workload, improve the quality and are not detrimental to their job position.


Tech executives face one of their greatest challenges: finding qualified workers. Recent research shows that hiring and keeping the right talent is the number one concern of American CEOs in 2019.

This crisis can be explained by the extremely low unemployment rate among software developers. This in-demand specialist has a historic low unemployment rate of 1.9%. This puts candidates in control, allowing them to search for the best employer and demand higher salaries.

Traditional hiring processes don’t work in today’s fast-moving tech sector. Experts found that it takes over a month to hire one candidate and that the time required to do so continues to grow each year. Companies are at risk because many software development projects can be time-sensitive and must start quickly to maximize market opportunities.

Companies that provide IT staff augmentation help clients to start projects right away. Because they have a pool of IT experts and software engineers who are ready to start a project right away, this is possible.

Their clients will also benefit from their expertise in expanding their candidate search beyond America’s highly competitive job market. BairesDev is a company that sources the top 1% talent in their area. BairesDev ensures that contractors are educated and fluent in English so they can perform as well, or better, than their in-house counterparts.


Software development is a complex process. It requires a lot of talent to succeed. Software engineers, testers and security experts are all needed by companies to create high-quality, custom software.

This is because much of the expertise required is not needed beyond a few stages of the software development cycle.

These workers would be a burden on companies if they were hired full-time. These businesses won’t be able to quickly transform their engineering staff for a project that has different requirements.

Businesses can rely on IT staff augmentation services to maintain a core team of technical experts. They also provide their clients with expensive specialists when they are needed.

After the completion of the software development project, managers can quickly pivot and reorganize their IT staff to launch a new project that uses the best talent.


Software security is the greatest threat to American businesses. Hacker attacks continue to rise every year. 2018 saw two of the most significant data breaches.

Experts predict that cyberattacks will cause an astonishing $6 trillion in annual damages by 2021.

Human error is one of the major causes of software vulnerabilities. Human error is the main reason for software vulnerability. Programmers make on average “about 15-50 errors every 1000 lines of code.” Hackers will try to exploit every coding error each day.

Many companies have partnered up with IT staff augmentation firms to help them hire the best security testers and experts. Security specialists will help build software for the company using industry-respected security methods.

A tester will also manually review the software in order to detect coding mistakes and other vulnerabilities that hackers might exploit.

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