Rapid and effective adoption of technology isn’t just crucial to accelerate business growth, however, in the current era of fierce competition and exigent customers, it’s essential for the survival of your business. Whatever the size of an organization is, technology can provide tangible and intangible benefits for all stages of expansion. Monitoring the performance of the current technology stack and continued investment in technologies that help the company move to expand has become a necessity for the organization’s success.

In the study that was commissioned from Suntel Technologies, Forrester studied one of Suntel Technologies’ customers – an agency for healthcare that is not-for-profit. The client had a difficult time gaining the most value from their technology investment prior to when Suntel Technologies was brought on board. Through our meetings with the customer, we discovered the issues many organizations experience with no solid and quantifiable Toronto Managed IT Services Company strategy. The client had limited IT management and resources in-house. They were unable to manage security, performance, and the rapid adoption of new technologies and had a difficult time modernizing their technology and utilizing the potential of their current technology stack.

When Suntel Technologies was brought on board as a new client, the first step was to determine the client’s technology and business status using our proven capability Maturity Model. Based on the results of our analysis, we found that the client was at a level of maturity of zero, which means there was no clear IT strategy or vision. Based on our analysis of their needs and maturation, we created an approach to a solution that helped the client gain integration between business and technology assistance from our experts to standardize and automate internal processes, increase service levels and improve utilization of resources through the allocation of dedicated fractional, shared, and dedicated IT resources.

Suntel Technologies Capability Maturity Model

Discovering process as well as the Capability Maturity Model are vital in our solution design process since they help us assess our clients’ real problems and identify how we can achieve truly different results for our clients. As in the case of this client, we began with the objective of reducing cost and risk, as well as positioning technology to deliver long-term business benefits, and eventually, we helped the client to earn 188% ROI from its technology investments.

Alongside accelerating the growth of business Technology also affects the performance, culture, and interactions of an organization and is vital to evaluate its full impact to comprehend how technology can change an organization. While some benefits are apparent and straightforward some are not so obvious, but equally significant. When the participant was interviewed for the study the tangible advantages were:

  • 188 percent Return on Investment (ROI) over the course of three years
  • Technology environment stabilization over 90 days starting at level 0 and progressing to level 2.
  • Revenues grew by $2,934,847 during the three years
  • The productivity of employees increases by 161 hours per year.
  • Operating efficiency savings increase due to the leverage of Suntel Technologies service sharing by more than $1.5 million
  • The savings from running faster and minimizing downtime by $4,134.890 over the course of three years.

There were also not quantifiable, but equally significant benefits, such as:

  • Better stability of the organization and a more strategic vision
  • The ability to structure their IT and internal leadership in a way that is most appropriate to the organizational goals
  • Better employee morale
  • Improved mobilization of the workforce

The study offers a more comprehensive insight into how an enterprise along with its tech partner could work together to boost results for business by using the most effective technology implementation, planning, and operational methods. The top four lessons learned that the report provides are

  • Be sure to accurately assess your needs and your capabilities
  • Identify and implement in time the appropriate technology and projects that will have the greatest impact.
  • Continuously improve and operate these technologies to make the most value from your investment
  • Join forces with a tech and service provider that has demonstrated results and leadership

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