A few years back, I purchased my dream house in the area Exeter NH. I had everything that I wanted in my house, including a beautiful home, a great location, nature and friendly neighbors. But I did not want a bad septic. I knew very little about septic systems.

I figured that if it didn’t work, you could always call the plumber.

No, that is not the case! I began to notice some problems around my toilets and drains. My friend suggested I hire a cesspool pumping company when I realized things were bad. I had no idea what a cesspool was. I called around and found a reputable company that did the cesspool pumping on Long Island, NH. They did an excellent job at a reasonable price.

Also, they gave me a list with warning signs that I should not ignore:

  1. Bad smelling smells. You may be experiencing a serious problem if you detect foul smelling odors such as raw eggs, sewage or drains. It could be that you are smelling methane gas leaking through your septic tank. This is a sign of blocked drainage, and septic pumping services are required.
  2. Damp patches around the septic system. The presence of plants and weeds around the septic system may indicate that it’s time to hire a cesspool service on Long Island. It’s a sign that the tank is leaking and releasing too much moisture. This can indicate that the drain pipes have become too full, or that there is damage or a leak.
  3. Slow draining drains and toilets. Does your toilet always back up? This can indicate that your cesspools or septic tank is in trouble. If this does not work, you might need to hire a professional cesspool service.


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