You’ve probably used online dating sites and apps if you have been single in the past couple of years. There are many more benefits of using dating apps than sites.

It seems that dating apps are available for every type of person. This is not the case with dating sites. It’s true that I have met more boyfriends through apps than on sites. (I’m talking to you, Bumble. Happn. Tinder. and Hinge.) Allison Gerrits from Matchmaker, The Three Day Rule tells Dua that dating apps allow you to access people. It’s that simple. You can find people with a variety of different interests.

Why dating applications are better than dating sites.

  1. It’s Faster And Efficient

The interfaces and profiles on apps are simple to use, as they are designed for phones rather than computers. April Masini, relationship specialist from New York and author tells Dua that Dating App are portable. You can use them on the bus or while waiting for an appt. Because they are so easy to use, you can use them anywhere. These portable apps can make your life more flexible. These apps can save you a lot of time and help you to be successful in dating.

  1. Apps tend to show you mutual friends

A friend can be a great way to find a potential romantic partner. It’s a bit like a recommendation letter, but with an IRL person. It’s wonderful to have friends in common with someone (on a dating application) as it creates an instant sense of trust and comfort,” Tina Wie VP of marketing for 3 Day Rule tells Dua. The stronger the mutual friend connection, (i.e. first-degree vs. third-degree), and the context of your relationship (e.g. they went to high school with your best friend or used to work together with your college buddy), the more likely it is that you will feel like the person you are connecting with is an interesting, normal person. It’s nice to have something in immediate common when you first communicate.

  1. Vets are easier to find

Apps offer a variety of ways to find out if someone is right for you. You can look at the friends you both share, their music taste (, if they have an app that allows you to display your tastes, or you can send each other music), or the pictures they upload (I mean…is it just me or does Match allow users to post way many? ), etc.

  1. In many apps, you’ll onlyreceive messages from people who have liked you too

Do you dislike spam on websites? Many dating apps allow you to only send a message if the person you are messaging likes you and you reciprocate. A big win, if you ask me. Gerrits says that you can get to the point in many ways. You can find people with similar interests or people looking for the exact same thing.

  1. Less is More

You know that profiles on dating apps tend to be shorter compared to online profiles. therefore, every word and picture counts. Masini says that apps tend to be shorter because they are designed for smaller screens. “Less is more”, he adds. If you are a swiper and a quick-choice dater, an app will be more appropriate than a dating site.

Gerrits is in agreement. She says that you need to have a strong self-image to be able to portray an accurate and interesting picture of yourself. Highlighting your values and interests allows you to evaluate what is really important. It’s also worth mentioning that I believe many people have short attention Spans.

  1. Dating Apps Tend To Be More Niche Than Sites

You can join Bristlr if you only like guys with beards. can help you expand your dating options by joining apps like Tinder. Want to know Happn is a great dating app. There is even an app called Meet my Dog that allows you to meet your dog. I know , right? !

  1. Many dating apps have a variety of new and improved features

Want to send your match a song? Spotify is available on Happn and Tinder. You can leave them a voice message of up to one minute (or multiple messages of one minute) using Happn. Use Happn. You can share a video/photo collage. Try Lively.

  1. These are perfect for people who are super busy

When are you going to meet up with people in real life, since you’re always at work ? Apps are a great way to meet people. Masini says that dating apps offer more options than real-life dating. They can be just like going to an event where you meet new people, but with less strain on your body!

  1. These are perfect for introverts

Let’s be honest: There are some people who seem awkward at parties, bars, or any other social event where you might meet them. They’re good for one-on-one communication, like via a dating application. Introverts love dating apps. This is 100% true for me as an extrovert, who dates a lot introverts.

  1. These are perfect for people who work from home

Work from home? It’s ~amazing~, right? It’s amazing, right? That is. You can find platonic friends with apps like Tinder BFF and Bumble BFF. Dealer’s (erm, swiper’s) choice!


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