Are you looking for a different option to the traditional electric or log fires? Perhaps a bioethanol fireplace could be just what you’re looking for. If you’ve not had the pleasure of hearing about a bioethanol fire or want to know more about their purpose and the benefits they provide you’re in the right spot. We’ve collected the answers to of the frequently-asked questions regarding the amazing fires, so that you can determine if they’re the right option for you. Let’s begin from the beginning:

What Are Bioethanol Fires? Benefits and Everything You Need to Know

How do bioethanol-fires work?? And how do they function?

The name implies it is a different source of real-flame heat which runs on bioethanol fuel in contrast to logs or gas. Bioethanol fuel is a renewable fuel made of ethanol, which is derived from plants like sugar cane or maize. It is therefore an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional fuels for burning.

Bioethanol fires are made by adding bioethanol fuel to the burner, then lighting it. It’s simpler than you have thought. The fuel is then burned for about 4-5 hours or until it is completely extinguished. This can be done by sealing the lid, and then starving it of oxygen. The fire is then able to be replenished with additional fuel after it has cooled (which takes about 10 minutes) should you want the fire to last longer.

What are the advantages of bioethanol-based fires?

Bioethanol fires have number of benefits when used as alternative to traditional fuel sources. However, here are the top benefits:


The primary and most obvious benefit of bioethanol is obviously, the fact that it’s more sustainable than a conventional burning fossil fuel. Because the fuel is derived from plants and clean burning, the flames burn without releasing harmful chemicals in the air.

There is no need for electricity or gas.

Because these fires are based using bioethanol it is not necessary for additional power sources or fuel sources such as electricity and gas which can help cut costs and makes everything easy.

Installation is simple and easy to do

If you’ve browsed through our collection of bioethanol-based fires you might have noticed that the one element that the traditional fireplace the flue. Because the fuel burns completely clean and doesn’t release fumes or smoke, there is no reason the bioethanol fireplaces contain the flue. This is what makes them extremely easy to set up and also more flexible as to the location they can be set.

Contemporary and chic

Due to the absence of limitations on design and placement bioethanol fires can be found with a wide range of modern, sleek and modern styles. Ideal for those seeking something different to decorate their garden or home Modern stylings of bioethanol Water Vapor Fireplaces are an oasis of fresh air for contemporary interior designs.

Flexible and efficient

Bioethanol fires can provide heat to large spaces efficiently and efficiently, and the output can be altered for most indoor fire types by using an adjustment slider in the box for fuel (note that not all designs come with the feature). It can be set to completely open, half open, or even a quarter open, which affects the amount of fuel burnt and how long the fuel is used up in addition to the amount of flame output.

Are bioethanol fires costly to operate?

The answer is simple: that they aren’t expensive to operate in comparison to the expense of running gas or wood fires. However the price of running a bioethanol-fueled fire will vary based on the price of the fuel used and the extent to which the slider in the box is open during the use (if it is applicable). Bioethanol fuel is priced, on average, PS2.50 per litre. However, prices vary between sources and brands. Additionally, one litre can last an average of 3.5 hours when the slider completely open. It can last for up to 5-hours or longer if the slider open only to 1/4.

Quality of fuel may influence the price and effectiveness. Lower-cost fuels indeed reduce expenses for running for the short-term however, these fuels tend to be more flammable and consequently burn out quicker, which raises the running cost in the long run. An ideal solution is to find a high quality fuel, and to purchase in the bulk (if you intend on using your bioethanol fire frequently) because you will often get great discounts on large fuel purchases.

Do bioethanol flames pose a risk to use indoors?

You can buy specifically-designed indoor bioethanol fireplaces that are completely safe to use inside. Although bioethanol fires generate carbon dioxide, this substance is produced only in tiny amounts which is an unavoidable byproduct of any fire. Bioethanol fires are much safer to use indoors compared to traditional fires, due to being able to do not generate any smoke or carcinogenic compounds which means you won’t breathe the fumes within your home.

Like any fuel that can ignite it is important to take care be taken when working with bioethanol fuel as well as making use of the burner. The fires you use are only in the manner they are utilized with So, make sure to follow all directions and guidelines to ensure you’re filling the bioethanol fire in a safe manner.

How long will bioethanol’s fuel last?

The time that bioethanol fuel can last varies based depending on the setting in which you burn the fuel. The typical millilitre of bioethanol fuel can last for about 4 hours if you burn it at the highest heat setting. If, however, you burn the bioethanol fuel at only a minimal setting, then it can be burned for as long as 8 hours. If you turn off the flame it will remain until you decide to ignite the fire again.

Do bioethanol fires emit heat?

Bioethanol fires are real-burning flames which release lots of heat, which makes them an excellent, similar alternative to log or gas-burning fireplaces for heating gardens and homes. No fake flames or fake heat sources here!

With all you must learn about these incredible fires, now you can pick your bioethanol flame and say goodbye to the limitations and dangerous emissions from log and gas fireplaces. Explore our selection of indoor bioethanol fires and outdoor bioethanol fires on art-fireplace and discover showstopping innovative designs for your garden or home.


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