It is fast approaching, and we may find half of what we have discussed on this blog outdated by the time it ends. This is not an exaggeration, but it shows how quickly digital marketing landscapes change and how fast Houston internet marketing agencies must adapt.

You should not spend your time on tricks and tactics. Instead, focus on proven marketing principles that have stood the test.

We are not referring to the past. If you want to stand out from the rest of the pack this year, we are going to discuss the future.

Let’s look at how much money is spent each year on digital marketing tools in the US. This will give you an idea of the importance of digital marketing.

Top Digital Marketing Trends – Observing the stats compared to 2021 shows a rise in the projected budget in 2022, particularly in social media marketing and banners.

Trends Following by A Top Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing is becoming increasingly important as spending on digital marketing is predicted to rise by a lot each year. It is crucial for companies that offer seo agency sydney services to keep up with changing marketing trends.

Let’s take an in-depth look at the digital marketing trends that will take digital media by storm this 2022.

  1. Live Video Madness

We all knew this was coming for years. Any digital marketing agency will confirm that video is the future and won’t change in 2022. Recent events have shown that this trend will be even more prevalent than expected.

You may have been an inept video producer, but 2020 is likely to change your mind. In 2020, the live phenomenon video was a huge success.

Thanks to social distancing laws and the global pandemic, this was possible. Video has become a popular way for people all over the world to stay connected.

Social regulations made it possible to hop on a Zoom call. We zoomed to work, happy hour, holidays, and everything.

Video communication became more common as users became more comfortable with it.

Live streaming is possible with services like TikTok and Instagram, Reels or Facebook Live.

This trend is a favourite of Zoomers and any digital marketing agency smart enough to notice it is also taking note. You can be a great business by producing video content.

  1. Focus On Audio Content

Did you know that podcasts were listened to by more than 100 million Americans each month in 2020?

Monthly listeners are expected to rise to 160 million in 2024. If “video” is not for you, audio content is rising.

Podcasting has advanced a lot. These podcasts are free and cover all topics.

This stat is a huge reminder that audio content will continue to gain popularity in 2022.

This is something that platforms like Twitter are well aware of. Twitter has a feature that allows users to send audio-based tweets.

It doesn’t matter if you listen to podcasts, send audio messages, or use the clubhouse; audio content is now an integral part of any digital marketing agency’s marketing strategy.

  1. User-Generated Content

Although it is not new, user-generated content marketing has skyrocketed just as live streaming did in 2020.

As we’ve never seen before, digital marketing agencies and businesses are increasingly relying on social networks to promote their products. However, this is not typically paid advertising content.

User-generated content is

  • Those digital videos.
  • Question-answer databases.
  • Blogging.
  • They are relatable and candid, which makes them attractive. Only the US has 39% of internet users sharing posts from other users.

Sometimes, authentic influencers have a paid partnership with brands. Other times, it’s genuine feedback from fans of the brand. It works, and it’s absolutely brilliant.

UGC is the best form of word-of-mouth marketing strategy that brands can use. UGC is based on the principle that people trust others rather than the brand.

Although we expect brands to promote themselves and tell us how superior and great they are, people will listen and be more likely to buy if someone else does.

A case study or unboxing video can influence buying decisions more than any other thing, right?

  1. Brand Activism

Consumers are becoming more conscious and active in environmental, political and social issues. Brand activism is a growing trend that comes as no surprise. The conscious consumer is a time we live in.

Brands have no other choice than to speak up and accept responsibility.

We saw hundreds of brands engage in activism in 2020, such as the Nike ad supporting “black lives matter”.

Or the launch of Ben & Jerry’s limited-edition flavour “Un-Fudge our Future”, which put pressure on Australian leaders for more involvement in a sustainable future.

Brands must be transparent with consumers. They don’t want to just buy a quality product. They will be attracted to trusted brands with the same values they hold.

Brand activism is more than just a trend or marketing trick. It has become a norm to think about social ethics.

It is important to remember that brand activism does not have to be a trendy thing. Consumers can easily detect fake or inauthentic efforts. It’s best to not express your support without taking action or investing.

  1. Branded Content

Another video marketing trend is this. This returns to the fundamental marketing principle that people don’t want to feel sold to.

People want experience, entertainment and value. A well-designed branded campaign can achieve exactly this. This makes it enjoyable without being overly promotional about a product or service.

The marketing landscape has changed, and in-your-face marketing no longer works. Because it engages the audience with entertainment, educational, or inspirational value, branded content is a success.

Sometimes, the best brand content is so subtle that it’s hard to recognize.

The “Lego Movie” is a great example of this. It focuses on subconsciously selling Lego toys to you, but viewers don’t realize it because they are so taken in by the story.

  1. Nostalgic Marketing

Are you ever able to recall a 90s commercial and not forget it? This is nostalgia marketing at its best.

Nostalgic marketing brings back memories and creates a strong emotional connection to the brand.

The future of digital marketing looks back at the past.

Some of the most powerful brands in nostalgia marketing are Nike, Pepsi, AT&T and Cheetos. They are reaping the benefits. In 2022, when the world is uncertain and scary, nostalgia ads, TV shows and products offer the comfort we need.

Final Thoughts

We saw an increase in internet usage since the pandemic. Consumers had to remain at home and be safe. The world witnessed industries such as Netflix, Gaming, E-commerce, and E-commerce emerge from the traditional consumer model. It was a time when the internet took on a whole new level.

With the change and rise in content consumption habits, There was a major shift in the way that organizations executed their marketing strategies. These new marketing techniques and trends brought about digital marketing.

These digital marketing trends are gradually becoming the standard for modern marketing. We can see that organizations will be swept aside by the new digital landscape if they fail to adapt.

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