When ESPN first aired the show The Final Dance on April 1, the series of 10 episodes covering Michael Jordan’s final year playing for his team the Chicago Bulls hit the ratings top spot, and became the most-viewed documentary by the channel. The two final episodes aired on Sundays.

It’s been nearly two decades since Jordan’s departure from the NBA and he’s still the same popular as ever and incredibly wealthy. With the value of around $2 billion jordan has the highest net worth of any former pro athlete on the planet and the fourth-richest African-American after Oprah, Robert F. Smith as well as David Steward.

Good investments are the heart of his fortune (case in point: buying Charlotte Hornets 2010) Charlotte Hornets 2010) but the majority of credit goes to the pivotal decision that he made in 1984 in 1984, when Nike approached him with an unprecedented, unique endorsement agreement: to create his own basketball shoes.

In the present, that Air Jordan brand generates nearly $3 billion annually to Nike and its massive and consistent success has set the stage for the many other sports sponsorships, which have tried to emulate its model.

Air Jordans are distinctive due to their huge popularity and lasting strong throughout the years. This is why they’re an investment just like Hermes Birkins as well as Rolex watch.

The air Jordans that were worn by Michael Jordan in 1985 went auctioned at Sotheby’s this week and sold for the equivalent of half a million dollars.SOTHEBY’S

Take a look at a pair of signed Air Jordan 1s that the basketball player wore in 1985, which ended up on auction at Sotheby’s in the last week. The auction on the internet that ended on Sunday, was expected to generate $150,000. The auction was sold for $560,000, surpassing the world record for sneakers.

Sotheby’s discovered a great opportunity in the huge success in the film The Last Dance and as the huge sales success of their sale of unique sneakers along with Stadium Goods last summer. “Sneakers are now an integral element of our society as well as the marketplace has reacted to it. In the past decade we’ve witnessed a surge in the value of luxury objects as collectibles, and even collectors less accustomed to the traditional categories at Sotheby’s are paying attention,” says Brahm Wachter, Sotheby’s Director of eCommerce Development.

Reselling sites for sneakers like StockX as well as the GOAT have reported an increase in sales following the ESPN documentary’s launch, however Air Jordans’ value has increased steadily, and continuously for many years.

“When you look at the long-term value of sneakers, Jordans tend to appreciate with long periods of time” claims Jesse Einhorn Senior economic analyst at StockX. “More than 80 per cent of Jordans on our market have seen their value increase in the past year. more than a dozen have appreciated over $500, and more than 100 have increased at least two times in resale value. the most popular model of Jordan has seen its price increase by 27 percent.”

Furthermore, the majority StockX customers aren’t old enough to be Michael Jordan fans during his NBA career, but Air Jordan is still the top-selling brand. This is another proof of its longevity.

“Michael Jordan,” and the name of his brand has gained a status of mythic significance in American culture. It transcends the specifics of his court heroism,” Einhorn says.

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