The Stone of Healing and Protection, or the Sobriety Stone, is also known as Amethyst. It promotes serenity and calmness, and it can even cure insomnia. It protects against guilt and fear, as well as the evil eye and negative vibrations.

It promotes humility, sincerity, piety and spiritual wisdom when used in meditation. Amethyst has powerful properties that focus energy. It reduces the tendency to spend excessively or engage in unwise investments. Loyalty is another name for amethyst.

Why Amethyst Could Be Your Soul Crystal

Protective stones such as the amethyst are also good for preventing recurring nightmares and restlessness. It is a smart idea to place an amethyst crystal in the bedroom of your child. They will be able to sleep soundly and feel safe if they wake up in fear from night terrors.

The characteristic violet or purple hue of amethyst crystal can be found in many shades. Some gems have a very light purple glimmer and others appear dark enough to appear blackish. While the amethyst crystal should remain primarily purple, some have an undertone that is slightly reddish and may change in colour depending on lighting.

Amethyst, the traditional February birthstone, is also known as Handcrafted Amethyst Quartz Crown. It is the zodiacal stone of Pisces, and it is ruled by Jupiter. It makes a great gift for the 6th or 9th anniversary of your marriage.

Crystals and Their Meaning

The ancient Greek a- signifying “not”, and methysko,meaning, “intoxicate”, gave rise to the amethyst’s meaning. It refers to the belief that the stone protects its owner from drunkenness. The ancient Greeks wore amethyst, and even carved drinking vessels out of it, believing it would keep them from getting drunk.

Did you know?

According to legend, Leonardo da Vinci believed that amethyst could control evil thoughts. He also stated in his writings that amethyst crystals can increase intelligence and shrewdness in business matters.

The English revered the amethyst for its magnificent properties, along with the color purple. They created emblems and insignia made of amethyst embedded to signify royalty during the Middle Ages.

The traditional amethyst is used to set the bishop’s ring, also known as the episcopal ring, which is worn to signify their role as the successor of the apostles. An amethyst ring becomes a symbol for a Roman Catholic bishop’s identity. It identifies them in their mission of preaching the gospel and protecting their flock from evil.

Amethyst Properties

Amethyst, a violet-colored variety of quartz is a hard and crystalline mineral. Its violet colour is due to its exposure to radiation, iron impurities and transition metals. The crystal’s hardness is similar to quartz and is used often in jewellery such as the amethyst bracelet and necklace.

Brazil is home to a large amount of amethyst, which can be found in large amethyst geodes in volcanic rocks. Uruguay and Rio Grande do Sul are large producers of amethyst in the world.

Crystals and Chakras

Amethyst, which is the same colour of the seventh chakra as it is, helps to facilitate a connection to the divine. The amethyst crystal removes depression and isolation from the crown chakra.

It is a spiritual stone that provides healing, purifying, and protection energies. It is a great stone for meditation. It helps you gain a deeper understanding and perspective of the universe. You can tap into the amethysts spiritual energies to increase your awareness and connect with the Divine.

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Crystal Benefits and Amethyst Jewellery

People have been using amethyst jewelry for centuries to harness its healing properties . It is a good material for skin care products such as crystal face rollers, and it benefits skin systems.


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