Although certification in clinical research is not necessary for most positions it is a great benefit to candidates who have obtained certain certifications.

A certification is a formal recognition and validation of your skills and experience in your field. There are currently more than 25,000 CRAs certified in the United States.

You may be asking, “If certification isn’t required, why bother with it?”

These are some of the benefits that come with being a clinical research associate training.

  • The Association of Clinical Research Professionals states that evidence supports the belief that certification lowers the risk for research subjects. It is also widely believed that certified professionals will have greater confidence in hiring managers.
  • A certification is a great way to market your company as a CRO.
  • A certification can make you more competitive in your industry and will give you a higher professional standing. A certification will make a candidate more attractive to a hiring manager if they are given the option between two candidates with similar education and experience.
  • A certification can be used to negotiate a high salary for the position once it was offered.
  • Certification is important for candidates who are new to the field of clinical trials or have only a few years’ experience. Although a certification does not replace years of clinical trial experience in the field, it can validate your skills and knowledge and give hiring managers the confidence to hire.
  • A major benefit to passing a CRA certification exam, is your personal satisfaction. You will be able to prove your skills and experience to hiring managers as well as to yourself. Many certifications can be taken online for less than $200. It is worth spending a few hours and some money to pass the exam. You will reap the benefits in the long-term.

A certification may be required for clinical research certificate program. While certification may not be mandatory, it will help you in the long-term. Certification helps you to prove your industry knowledge and skills to hiring managers.


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