We are proud of the high-quality recliner chairs we have sold. While they have their advantages, we know that not everyone needs them. Some people require more support than a standard riser or rise recliner chair. A Yumeya furniture high-back chair is an excellent alternative. There are many options for this type of chair to suit all budgets, styles and aesthetic preferences.

High Back Chairs Benefit The Elderly

Benefits of high back chairs

Yumeya furniture’s high back chairs are superior to any other types of chairs. These chairs have specific purposes, but they also serve a purpose.

  • High-back chairs provide better support for the head and neck than other types of chairs.
  • They are best for the back, starting at the base of your neck and ending at the lumbar (a neglected area in terms of support).
  • People feel that ergonomic designs are more comfortable than armchairs and rise recliners.
  • Many have adjustable features, such as the legs which can be raised for those with back problems.

Eden High Back Chair

This budget-friendly Yumeya furniture high back chair is the first in our range. This chair is sturdy and has height-adjustable legs. It is easy to use by people with mobility problems. This is a great model for those who struggle to sit and do not want a chair that is too low due to mobility. This model also has extra padding to support your back if you require lumbar support. The Eden high-back chair currently only comes in blue

It is simple and elegant, making it a great dining chair. However, it offers more support than you would expect. You can adjust the height of the Chairs with arms for elderly to make it more comfortable to sit or stand. You can relax with the superior lumbar support and the comfortable armrests. Although it will look great in any room, it will be most comfortable in the lounge.

Breydon Wing Chair

The Breydon Wing Chair is the best in the Yumeya furniture high back chair range and is one of our favorites. This chair is simply the strongest we have. It provides excellent lumbar support and the contoured high back gives it a natural shape. The chunky arms provide excellent hand support and grip. It also has a removable cushion for those who use Yumeya furniture pressure relief products. This is a level of customization that you won’t find on other high-back chairs. This chair’s solid beech frame ensures that it will provide superior support and lasts a long time.


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