Long tail keywords refer to search phrases that have longer word counts. They are more specific than searches that use fewer words because of their length.

“Buy breathable running socks (4 words)” is an example long tail keyword. “Buy socks” is a shorter tail keyword. Although there isn’t a set cutoff, marketers tend to count phrases that contain 3-4 words as long tail keywords.

What are Long Tail Keywords?

The vast majority of searches are for highly specific phrases. It is not a good idea to focus on the most popular search terms. Bill Trancer puts this in perspective in a 2008 post analysingHitwise data.

It is difficult to understand the tail because there is so much traffic. For example, imagine search as a tiny lizard that has a 1-inch head. The tail would go 221 miles

The Long Tail

The concept of a “long tail” refers to a data distribution that has significant results far from the “head”.

After writing The long tail , Chris Anderson helped to popularize the term “longtail” by creating the book the Long Tail .

Here are the implications of long tails for search engines. Below, you can see the graphs of the search volume and how many words are used.

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Marketing Strategies

A profitable marketing strategy is to conduct keyword research in order to locate long tail keywords related to a niche. This can be used both for advertising and SEO.

Long tail keywords can be more specific. This means searchers will know more about what they are searching for, and are therefore more likely buy something.

Longer search phrases are less competitive in online Arabic advertising. This means that advertisers are more likely to bid for ads on the most searched search engine result pages. This holds true for organic SEO efforts. With less competition for these queries can be easier to rank than for shorter more popular searches.

Pining advertising to long-tail keywords can bring you a higher return on your investment. Bidding on many long-tail keywords will yield better results than spending your budget on just a few highly competitive phrases.


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