While you aren’t required to engage counsel at any time in your social security disability lawyer in NYC,  application process We recommend that you seek the assistance that of an attorney in advance of submitting your first application.

What you need to know about the initial application process

Many applicants are under the assumption that claiming the disability benefit is just as easy as filling out a couple of forms. But this isn’t true. The application process starts with lengthy documents, medical records as well as personal information.

It’s extremely easy to make errors or mistakes which could affect your eligibility. In fact, 60% of all initial applications are rejected.

Do I need to consult a Legal Counselor Before I Applying for Disability?

If you’re unable to earn a living as a result of an illness You should make an application for disability benefits. Contact an attorney for disability prior to applying for to be disabled.

An attorney can be retained anytime in the process of claiming, however, generally, the sooner you hire a disability lawyer and the earlier you do, the better your claim is. A disability lawyer can assist you in getting your claim accepted faster.

If you hire the services of a disability lawyer prior to you submit your application for benefits the lawyer will aid you in assessing the strength of your claim prior to deciding whether you file your claim. The disability attorney will help to gather the evidence and medical evidence necessary for your claim in order to succeed. If you’ve already submitted a claim and have been rejected, you must take into consideration involving an attorney who is specialized in disability.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has released reports that show that those who have legal representation are more likely to receive disability benefits. Lawyers can guide you with the process and submit all the required paperwork for your claim in the event that you are denied and you need to contest the decision.

You’d like to complete your claim before the time runs out, and you don’t need to begin the claim process all over again.

Disability attorneys do not require payments until your claim is accepted, and at this point, they’ll be paid a portion of your backpay , as provided in federal law. SSA as well as federal laws. Request a no-cost consultation with a disability lawyer to make sure your claim is being processed.

The benefits of working with a lawyer                         

Engaging an attorney prior when you submit your application can increase the chances of being approved and aid in avoiding the appeals procedure. An advocate or disability attorney is well-versed in what is involved in the Social Security review process and the regulations which determine the process.

They can help you in completing the required documents to show, beyond a doubt that you’re disabled and qualify to receive disability benefits.

An attorney can also look over the information on your initial application to discover any inconsistencies or missing information which are vital to proving your impairment. The information you provide in your initial application is element of your ongoing claims for disability benefits. So, any errors or omissions could effect on your claim through all of the process.

In the event that your request has been denied , and you don’t possess an attorney it’s essential to hire an attorney to assist you during your appeals procedure.

Most frequently asked questions about hiring an Disability Lawyer

What is the reason I should hire an attorney for your hearing?

The Social Security Act, as well as the many aspects that determine it, the amount of Social Security benefits, can be extremely in-depth and intricate. A lawyer on your behalf can greatly assist you at the hearing instead of you attempting to do it on your on your own.

Can hiring a lawyer help to speed up your process?

An attorney working for you based on the circumstances may assist in expediting the process and could be able to make the whole process run more smoothly.

Can a disability lawyer assist me in getting my documents to be in good order?

A disability lawyer can ensure that all your documents along with your medical record are up-to the current date and in compliance for the initial application. A lawyer can also assist you receive a letter of recommendation from your physician, which could be a huge help to aid in your procedure for applying.

What is the average amount the cost of a Social Security Lawyer Paid?

If you’re worried about the expense of hiring an attorney you must be aware that the attorney you hire isn’t allowed to charge you unless you receive benefits. When you’re awarded benefits, there are rules in place to limit the amount of money that he or she is allowed to charge.

The SSA stipulates that an attorney can’t charge more than $6,000 , or 25 percent of your back pay. The money will be deducted out of your pay and then sent directly to your attorney through the SSA to avoid any additional costs

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