Every month, you might receive hundreds of friend requests via Facebook. How easy would it be to turn them into your followers? That sounds good. Hm. This is possible. This is how I’ll show you how to convert them. Before you do that, it is important to understand the fundamental differences between Facebook followers and friends.
If you accept a friend request from someone, you’ll be added to each other’s friends list. If someone follows you, only he will be able to see your updates in his. News feed . It’s more of a one-sided relationship.

How to Convert Your Facebook Friend Requests into Followers

You need to grow your following base if you want to add professionalism to your Facebook page. Reputation and follow word have a close relationship. Your reputation is a direct relationship with your followers. This is a great way to convert friend requests into followers. This is a very simple trick.

Convert friend requests to followers

You are wrong if you think I will use a third-party application. We will simply enable followers to allow anyone to follow us. This is a step-by–step guide.

  1. Log in to Facebook and click on the drop-down Arrow icon at the top right corner of the page. This is the same button as where you logout.
  2. Click “” in the drop-down menu. Settings ” option.
  3. Move to ” Followers ” tab.
  4. Unter” Who can follow my lead? ” Section, change the audience ” Everyone ” That’s all.

When someone sends a friend request, they will automatically follow you. . You don’t need to accept friend requests from anyone other than your closest friends and people you actually know.

This method won’t allow you to convert old friend requests into new Followers on Facebook. You will receive an error message when someone sends you a friend request. However, they will start following you automatically.

How to get more friend requests

You now know how to convert friend requests to followers, but how do you increase their number? Here are few essential tips –

Search engines: Add your profile

You can also index Facebook profiles in Search engines Yahoo! Bing. Google is the most powerful of all three. Google can search your name for thousands of people. If they visit your profile, 70% will send you friend requests. Google will index your profile and place it on the first page of results. .

First, open Google Homepage and search for your name. Next, add the “Facebook keyword” after it. You can also search for your profile link. Your profile will be indexed if it appears on the first, second, or third page. If you couldn’t find it however, it’s not indexed.

Link to your site

You can link your website or blog to your profile if you have one. Facebook offers a follow plugin. The code can be found on the same page for followers. You can remove the code from the same followers settings page. This will speed up your webpage loading time. It should be used on your contact page, below the post content section and in the about the author section.

Include a “call to action” note. In the anchor text, you could write “Add me on Facebook”, or “Connect with me” and “Follow Me”. This method is very effective if your website receives decent traffic.

Your profile should be visible to everyone

Are you able to send friend requests to someone you know? Go to your account settings, then click on the “Privacy tab”. You will now find “Who can I contact?” section, Make sure “Who can send friend requests?” is checked. Set the option to “Everyone”. .

Your profile should be visible to everyone, everywhere in order to receive the maximum number of friend requests. You can also change the privacy settings for people you wish to see your profile when they search your email address or mobile number on Facebook. You should also make sure they are set to “Everyone”.

Make a professional profile

A professional profile on Facebook is more popular than a normal one. It is said that the first impression is often the most important impression. The same applies to you. If you look professional, you will get more friend requests .

It’s not as difficult as it sounds to add a professional touch on your Facebook profile. Just keep these things in mind. Upload high quality photos (such DSLR photos), clean up your timeline and get a custom username. Don’t share any unimportant posts. You can find more tips in my previous article about how to.

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