WA doesn’t have a review process before allowing their members to go into the worlds of internet marketing. Although they do provide tutorials and resources (albeit some of the best practices are a little outdated) that cover basic internet marketing concepts, they make it seem so simple. It seems like many people sign up for this service thinking that it will be an easy way to make money once they learn how to create a blog and install plugins in WordPress. Then, they can add their affiliate links. Ha!

It would be absurd to hold people back from graduating the program until then. But I can assure you that…

99% Of the WA Community members will not make much money from affiliate marketing and will give up.

Although I don’t want to sound like Downer Donna, I am calling it what it is. I have looked at many of the websites linked in their comments and user profiles and found that most are quite bad. While I understand that everyone has to start somewhere, the problem is that many of these people don’t know why their sites aren’t making them crazy cheddar. They did their homework, learned the lessons, and were rewarded with a lot of cash. ..?! Why didn’t they become rainmakers in an instant?

It’s obvious to me, but it’s not for them. WA claimed that they would have their money-making website up in seconds. So what the hell. !

Wealthy Affiliate’s sweet-coated sales pitch

Although I can see that there are some very motivated, disciplined people who could use the community resource and membership training to create a profitable business, the main sales page is misleading. It grossly simplifies the process of creating a site and doesn’t emphasize how hard work it will take. You will need to put in a lot of time and effort before you see any income.

Select an Interest

You are advised to pick a niche as the first step. This should be easy to determine before you decide to start. This is because it takes a lot of work to create a profitable business. If you don’t know what excites you or interests you, you will have a hard time making it in affiliate marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate can help you choose a niche. Some of this process is covered in the free membership. But. . . They also quickly position you as a marketing Wealthy affiliate.

This is a BAD idea.

Anyone new to internet marketing should not pursue a niche solely for the potential of making money. You must be passionate about your niche to succeed in internet marketing.

It’s not hard to see how anyone could be convinced to buy a service that they haven’t used. You might be able to make some income as a Wealthy affiliate member but it is unlikely that anyone will create a sustainable business by marketing Wealthy Affiliate. To be a successful affiliate marketer, you need to be an authority in a particular niche.

While you may be able convert some Facebook friends or your mom, you won’t succeed as a Wealthy Affiliate “affiliate” if you choose their WA Bootcamp niche. They will convince you that you will. You could…maybe? It’s something I consider to be very advanced and very bullshit niche. Experienced or uber-motivated Avoid scammy internet marketers.

Okay, the step to ‘choose a interest’ is fairly self-explanatory, as long as you have at least one interest when you arrive in WA.

Do not do Bootcamp. . . I’m serious. I have seen many abandoned WA affiliate websites where the site owners followed the cookie cutter techniques outlined in training and worked hard for 30-60 days. They never returned.

Follow what you love, not what you make. Do not be a savage Wealthy Affiliate zombie who attempts to create a business by promoting a topic you don’t know much about or have never seen success with.

This is misleading and lazy.

Instead, try to add value. Be informative. Be informative.

Okay…on to the next stage in their “how to get started” sales pitch…

Create a website

This step is very misleading, oh my God! This is my favorite part…

You can have your website up in a matter of minutes and choose the design that appeals most to you.

HaHa! If I was new to website administration, online business and WordPress, I would guess they meant that you can get your site up and running in a matter of seconds. It says so, right? !


Wealthy Affiliate’s install wizard can technically get your site online and themed in just seconds. But that is only the beginning.

You will need to spend weeks on the internet learning, creating content and endless tweaking before you can have a real web presence. While you may think your website looks great, and that’s a good thing, it’s not a professional and competitive web presence.

This step contains no misinformation, but it leaves out so much information about how to build an internet marketing website. This course is devoid of valuable and actionable information and could be considered deceitful. Even if you complete their free course, it will only give you the basics. If you want to know how to build a website, you will need to upgrade to premium. Be prepared to spend hours learning and asking questions.

Attract Visitors

You are told by them that visitors are essential to the success of your new business. Shyeah..! Visitors are necessary to make any money.

Wealthy Affiliate says that in just a few lessons, you will learn how to attract a large number of customers via organic search. This is a difficult task that most people don’t realize. It’s easy if you’re able to do it. But for those who don’t, it can be a lengthy process of learning by trial and error.

If ranking were easy, everyone would do this ..?!. Anyone new to IM will not learn even a fraction of what they need through the first few lessons. I have gone through all the lessons. I’m confident.

Get revenue

It is possible to make money with your website once it has been built and is gaining relevant traffic. The monetization portion is the most difficult part.

90% of Wealthy Affiliate members fast-forward to here. It could be delusions or grandeur. Part of it might be impatience, desperation. But I believe a lot of it is due to the fact Wealthy Affiliate lures people into the program by making them believe it is easy.

It’s not. It is really hard!

It seems that once a WordPress site is up and running, people want to add their privacy policy and about page and harass visitors with ads. . . At this point, I picture them staring at their computers waiting for the money.

This is not how IM operates.

Just seconds away, you can start a business.

It is true. You could be able to access the training and launcher for your website in a matter of seconds. However, you’re still months away (and more likely… year) from making any money.

Is Wealthy Affiliate legit?

It’s a difficult question to answer. However, I will try my best to be objective. A soft yes. Although they do offer some training in affiliate marketing and WordPress site administration, it is not a great resource. Their platform is touted as a “magic bullet” solution to IM. They also suggest WA as an excellent niche for affiliate marketing, but this is a no. Do not even consider starting an affiliate marketing company that is based on the Cult of WA model.

I believe it’s a good idea to sign up and look behind the curtain for a while. You can go through some of the tutorials and learn as much as you like. If affiliate marketing interests you, continue to pursue it after a few weeks.

Do I recommend Wealthy Affiliate to you?

WA will provide you with a simple, but very detailed, road map if you have realistic expectations and are open to the suffering and sacrifices that affiliate marketers can face.

Are they a guideline for success?

Although the lessons are useful for those just starting out in affiliate marketing, I believe that their service is attracting a lot misled customers due to how simple it all seems. You can make some income in affiliate marketing if your training and tutorials are followed. However, you will need to put in a lot of effort. This is what I am certain of, but . . Most people who come to Wealthy Affiliate thinking of becoming a digital entrepreneur will be fortunate if they can make enough money to pay their membership.

Stop pursuing affiliate marketing and imagining yourself as an awe-inspiring ‘affiliate’. I’m serious. Don’t. You’ll fail and there are plenty of thin websites offering’make money online’. We don’t need more, especially those made by opportunists, impostors and wannabes.

Wealthy Affiliate was founded with the goal of helping members get results faster. Sign up if you are interested in trying affiliate marketing and deciding if it is for you. You can join my site and I will personally follow up with you to provide any assistance you need. However, that does not mean I will do all the work. But I am here to facilitate success. You can create a profitable business.

Sorry, folks. I am unable to provide any support or advice through Wealthy Affiliate because I left the company years ago. Even if I felt compelled to answer a few questions occasionally, I am unable to do so unless I renew my premium membership, which is a complete and total bullshit policy.

If you want to upgrade your membership to premium it must be for a lifetime . Your access to the site will be restricted if you cancel your membership.

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Wealthy Affiliate is your all-inclusive platform for building a successful online business related to your passions, interests or hobbies!

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Wealthy Affiliate is a scammer.

It’s not something I am concerned about, but I have completely disposed of their garbage service. Although I don’t intend to promote their product, I felt compelled to make this update so others might think twice about signing up for the premium membership. This business practice has put Wealthy Affiliate on my radar.

As I was curious about the platform, I don’t regret paying for a paid membership. I wanted to find out if they have any secrets to share. Wealthy Affiliate is a dying model of business and I am willing to bet that they don’t provide additional value or adapt their ‘curriculum to meet the changing rules of internet search.

Another motivation was to provide an insight on the program from an experienced developer and SEO, as well as an affiliate marketer’s perspective, so that others can make informed decisions about WA. Based on how many people have viewed this post, I believe I was able to accomplish that.

If Wealthy Affiliate’s service has been honest and saved you from poor investments (which it appears that it has), then my experience would be a huge success!


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