If you’re planning on using your record player on a regular basis or even daily A high-end turntable stand is worth the investment. The stand serves as an ideal place on which your records can sit however you can do more than the obvious. A well-designed turntable stand can improve the look of your home and provide additional storage space for your most-loved records and also help keep cables from being visible.

In this article, we’ll walk you through all you should know to choose the best stands for the record player you have. We’ll also rank our top four turntable stands according to price as well as build quality, design, and function.

Why You Need a Turntable Stand

There are a variety of advantages to investing in an enclosure for your music player. Let’s review some of the top selling aspects.

A Stand Keeps Your Turntable Safe

Record players are fragile devices that require care. If you don’t have a solid, sturdy platform to rest on your turntable will be more likely to be exposed to dirt and dust as well as those fingers and hands of your children as well as the paws of your pets. A stand will ensure that your turntable is kept and the delicate components of it away from the reach of young children and ensure their safety as well as the record player’s security!

A Stand Provides a Resting Place for Your Monitors and Preamp

If you don’t have an amplified turntable that has built-in speakers and speakers onboard You’ll need an accessory stand that can accommodate more than only your record player. Your monitors, also referred to as speakers are external sound sources that connect with your record player to make your album’s music audible. Without speakers externally, many record players aren’t able to make sounds at all.

In addition to the speakers, You may also require an external preamp to be set up between the record player and speakers. This preamp increases the volume of input or the gain of the music on your music, allowing the music to flow via the speaker.

Certain turntables are equipped with preamps. They do not require active, and not powered speakers to function. Others, however, require either to be connected to an external preamp as well as an array of passive speakers or linked to active, or powered speakers.

The extra equipment is equally important to the experience you have with your turntable, so it requires a place to be seated. The best spot to place your monitors is to place them at an ear level and makes a stand an ideal spot for the monitors. Ideally, you’ll need two monitors installed on both sides of the turntable to receive stereo sound.

Stands Serve as Decor

A stand for a record player does not only serve as a functional item it’s there for design also. A stand for the record player must match the overall style and design of the space it’s located in, and act as furniture and decoration. The record player stands we’ve listed below look fantastic and are also constructed correctly and built to last.

Some turntables are designed with form and purpose in mind. However, we believe the best choices are those that offer a an amalgam of both.

  • Without further delay let’s review the top turntables that are available.
  • Best Stand for Minimalist Decorators – The Liam Console Cabinet

This white turntable stand measures 60 inches in length This means that it offers enough space to accommodate your speakers, record player and much more. This Liam Console Cabinet also comes with three cubbies divided into compartments designed to accommodate vinyl records. The cubbies are high enough that records can be stored in rows instead of stacks. This is the most efficient way to ensure that your LPs are not being damaged by warping.

For just $200 at just over $220, this Liam Console Cabinet comes in at affordable for such a huge item of furniture. This is the second item we’ve added to our list due to its minimalist aesthetics, sleek design, and overall strength of construction. It’s also a good choice for those who have a affordable budget.

Best Stand for Design and Build – West Elm Mid-Century Buffet/Media Console

This is a gorgeous item of furniture. It’s expensive, however, at around $800, it’s certainly unlikely to win any prizes in the department that is budget-friendly. Built entirely of sturdy wooden material that is ethically sourced This cabinet comes with a variety of smaller drawers as well as a rear-cut wire hole, which makes it as practical as it is attractive.

We suggest our West Elm Mid-Century Buffet for those with a flexible budget and a love for mid-century modern décor. The console is best suited to tiny record players, because it doesn’t have the same amount of space that it’s counterparts like the Liam Console Cabinet or the other items listed on this list. But, at 40 inches in length, it’s enough to accommodate a decent-sized record player as well as a few small speakers.

Best Stand for a Tight Budget – Manhattan Comfort Tribeca Mid-Century Modern Stand

This stand for media has an edgy look which is perfect with almost every turntable. It’s also the least expensive option on our list of. Between $100 and $150 The Manhattan Comfort Tribeca Mid-Century Modern Stand is a great option for those who collect records and want to keep their money in check.

The stand is equipped with shelves that can be divided into storage spaces as well as cuts for cables. These features allow you to keep some of your most-loved recordings inside the cabinet for additional convenience. It also conceals the cables that connect the turntable to speakers and other equipment.

We’re huge fan of this stand’s value and design, it’s just not as practical as other options that we have on our list. The shelves aren’t the best size for storage for records We wouldn’t advise trying to pack more than one album on them.

Sturdiest Build – Pangea Audio Vulcan Four-Shelf Audio Rack

Pangea Audio is known for making high-quality equipment and this one is no different. Each of the racks can accommodate about 75 pounds. This means that you can load with the Vulcan up with around 300 pounds worth of equipment. This is enough capacity to support numerous turntables, and you don’t need to fret about weighting down this solid stand!

As well as storing loads of weight In addition to being able to hold a lot of weight, the Vulcan was built to cater to audiophiles. The shelf features an open air design which, as most audio enthusiasts be aware, is perfect to cool electronics and keep the electronics from overheating. Additionally to that, the Vulcan is modular, which means you can build or remove shelves at convenience. The capability to design the shelving unit however you’d like is what makes it the most flexible turntable stand in this list.

Want More Advice on Record Collecting?

If you’re always seeking innovative ways to enhance your listening experience on vinyl I highly suggest visiting our blog. Thereyou’ll find a wealth of useful tips on turntables, records, speakers and everything else between. Additionally, you should make sure you visit the store which is filled with LPs of every kind that you can imagine – a collector’s desire to be fulfilled.


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