Although we usually avoid touristy areas, Bangkok’s Asiatique The Riverfront keeps us coming back. We can’t resist the delicious food, the boat ride, or the overwhelming amount of shopping, even though it is often jammed with people. These are the top 6 things you can do in Asiatique bangkok.

Our Complete Guide To Asiatique The Riverfront as well as our How to Get to Asiatique In Bangkok post are worth your time.

  1. Take a look at the Show

Asiatique hosts many shows. Asiatique offers a variety of shows, including Thai classical dancing, the country’s “ladyboys”, a puppet show and a Muay Thai exhibit. You can find more information, including a complete pricelist, in the “Shows” section of our Complete guide to Asiatique.

  1. Fish is a great way to get your feet nibbled

Have you ever tried a fish manicure? You’re in for a treat if you haven’t, but it’s definitely worth the effort. As a multitude of tiny fish nibble at you feet (they don’t have teeth), you’re expected not to move but to remain calm. If you giggle at the tickle, you’ll be met with odd looks. Trust me. Your feet will feel amazing after it’s done. Dr. You might be able to fish in Asiatique.

  1. Eat All You Can (BONUS: Enjoy a Blended Coconut Smoothie).

You’ll be greeted by a variety of good-looking restaurants once your ferry lands at Asiatique. We recommend that you avoid these restaurants unless you are averse to their style or views. Instead, we suggest eating at the more casual spots in the middle of Asiatique. (The majority of these waterfront restaurants are located in what we call the ” middle.

You’ll get thirsty as you eat in the heat. We had to travel to Thailand a lot to find blended coconut smoothies. Do not make the same mistake again. Get one as soon as possible. You’ll find them at almost all the stalls selling coconut water.

  1. Ferris Wheel Ride

The sky above Asiatique is Thailand’s tallest Ferris Wheel. It’s 60m (roughly 200 feet) tall, so it’s worth taking a ride to get a new view of Bangkok’s skyline. It’s best to time your ride so you can be up at sunset when the city is especially beautiful.

  1. Do All Your Souvenir Shopping

Asiatique shops are mostly geared towards tourists. However, you will still find some amazing finds in their stores! Asiatique is a great place to shop if you are looking for unique treasures that look like Thailand.

  1. Enjoy the Views and Practice Your Photography

Asiatique offers beautiful views from the Chao Phraya River running past Bangkok’s skyscrapers, to the intricate details of the carousel. This is a great place to practice your photography skills. You can find everything from the stunning sunset behind the bridge to the child’s delight at the fairy lights.

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