If you are in a city that is large then you’ve probably seen apartment buildings of various sizes and forms. Each building has its own layouts for the apartments.

It is also possible to categorize apartments by other characteristics for example, whether a construction is high-rise building for apartments and a smaller apartment construction. Which one is the best one to reside in? Let’s take a look at the high-rise and low-rise apartment properties to see how they compares.

LIV at MB is a brand-new launch condominium development that is located in Arthur Road, District 15, Singapore.

The LIV in MB is situated in the low-rise landed homes that line Meyer & Mountbatten Road and offers the rare panoramic views of the city’s skyline.

Pros of Low Rise Apartments

  • Residents don’t require an elevator to get into apartments on lower floors.
  • These apartments are more valuable in selling price, making them ideal for investment properties.
  • Gardens or patios are usually part of low-rise homes.
  • Apartments with low rises are situated close in proximity to street traffic, and this allows for less hassle getting to nearby shopping areas and other places of interest.
  • As there are fewer residents in the area, residents are likely to be able to park more easily.
  • Low-rise apartments typically offer more privacy because fewer people reside in the building.
  • Maintenance is generally simpler to do in low-rise structures in comparison to high-rise homes.
  • There’s an increased feeling of belonging among residents in apartment buildings with low rises.
  • The majority of low-rise apartments are located in the suburbs of cities that means less pollution and noise.

Cons of Low Rise Apartments                                           

  • Floods can damage apartments with low rises.
  • Residents don’t have the privilege of enjoying the views of city’s buildings from the windows.
  • Hallways and corridors shared by residents could be more crowded since apartments with low rise do not have elevators or staircases.

High Rise Apartments

The buildings that have over four floors are typically classified as high-rises. High-rise apartments may or might cost less than units in low-rise structures, based on the building’s position.

Pros of High Rise Apartments

  • The majority of high-rise apartment buildings are located in the areas with a high density of people in the city, where there are restrictions on land.
  • Apartments in high-rises are more comfortable with ventilation and airflow. In turn, energy consumption is usually lower during warmer seasons because air can move and cool things down.
  • Apartments in high-rises are perfect for those who prefer to get together; due to the sheer number of people living within the building it is a lot more people to get together. In certain buildings, the management arranges social events to build a sense community between residents.
  • Residents are likely to have many common spaces and facilities when compared to apartments with low rises.
  • The apartments in high-rises typically are more secure as compared to lower-rise properties because there are usually more staff at the top of the ladder that can monitor things.
  • Elevators are available in high-rise buildings.
  • There’s typically less background noise.

Cons of High Rise Apartments

  • Plans for building evacuation are more complicated due to the amount of floors.
  • The apartments will be higher priced than those in low-rise apartments due to the fact that they are more expensive to construct.

Which Floor Should You Live On?

The short answer is that It depends. An apartment on the first floor located in a low-rise can be great because you’ll have convenient street access, however, you’ll not have view of city views. In the same way living in a taller building can mean more access to stores (if you’re on a higher floor) however, you’ll also have access to quieter air and less noise.

The Latest Trend in Real Estate

It’s interesting to see that low-rise buildings are getting replaced by high-rise ones. This is mostly due to the real estate market has grown substantially, particularly in large cities..

In addition, cities like New York City are swelling with people and there’s a small quantity of land available for people to dwell on. In order to keep up with the rising number of individuals, it’s essential to expand to make the most of living space.

Final Words

There isn’t a “good” answer as to whether a building with a high-rise is better than a lower-rise. When deciding, keep your unique needs in mind.

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